Hello I'm Maddie and you just entered my world of obsession.

5sos is bae.

Ashton is the main bae...forever and always❤️

I saw 5sos 9.16.2014

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Finally finished ship. I wanted to get them all done tonight cause idk when I would’ve finished them. I am so tired!!!! I’m going to bed goodnight!!

If you could be any animal what would it be??

a llama. 

Ship: Luke

Reason/Blurb: (random blurb topic:)) Luke would think it was adorable when you sung. Even if you thought you were bad, he thought you sounded really good. Everytime you would sing in the car he’d look at you and you’d catch him watching you so you’d stop but he would tell you to keep singing because you sound really good!

Compliment: Cool blog!!

Song to listen to: Little things-One Direction 

(This is my first time including blurbs with ships if they suck I am sorry!)

wyr: make breakfast with cashton or wake up muke in the morning? :)

Breakfast with Cashton. That would be interesting! hhaha

ship: Michael

reason/blurb: (random blurb topic) Michael and you would be hangin gout at your house and you would be reading over scripts for some acting thing and Michael would sneak up on you while making a keek and he would record you and you would turn around and jump, then playfully hit him and tell him he scared you then he will laugh and say I’m sorry but I just needed everyone to see my gf’s skills. 

Compliment: You’re pretty!

Song to listen to: SweaterWeather-The Neighbourhood

(This is my first time writing blurbs with ships, if they suck sorry!)

heyooo i hope this isnt closed, what's your go-to hairstyle?? Thanks!! :-)

You got yours in just in time (: and straight hair (:

Ship: Ashton! 

Reason/Blurb: (random blurb topic:)) You would ask Ashton to play a song for you on the drums nd he does so without hesitation because he wants to make his gf happy. 

Compliment: You are so pretty/cute! 

Song to Listen to: Talking to the moon-Bruno Mars

(This is the first time I’ve done blurbs with ships so if they suck I’m sorry!)

Hello :) just wanted to say your blog is really freaking cool and I love it! If there was anything in the world that you would want to learn how to do, what would it be?

Thank you so much! (: Um, I would want to learn Piano or Guitar (:

Ship: Mikey!

Reason/Blurb: (random blurb topic) you and Michael would be the couple that is always happy. You can make him smile and he can make you smile when he laughs and giggles because you think he looks and sounds so adorable. 

Compliment: I like your icon pic!

Song to listen to: Give me love-Ed Sheeran

(This is the first time I have included blurbs with ships if they suck I am sorry!)

Hello! I ship you with Cal cause wow cuties & also what is your favorite book? (:

aw, thank you so much! (: The Fault in our Stars or If I Stay. I love them both!!

Ship: Luke♡

Reason/Blurb: You’re really pretty and would look so cute with him! (random blurb topic) You and Luke would go out to a party together and dance the night away and hang out with the rest of the lads from 5sos and take a bunch of pictures together to remember your awesome memories together! 

Compliment: You’re super pretty!

Song to listen to: I Miss You-Blink 182

(This is my first time writing blurbs with ships so if they suck I am sorry!)

Would you rather be front row for an entire 5SOS concert or have a meet and greet and not so great seats? (Sorry I can't think of anything lol)

Have a meet and greet with not so great seats because I would get to see them live and then meet them and talk to them which would be better I personally think. 

Ship: Mikey

Reason/Blurb: Michael would love when you sang and read acting scripts so one day he wasn’t feeling the greatest and needed his mood to be brought up so he asked you to sing to him. You sang him your favorite song and it instantly brought a smile to his face. “You always put me in a better mood” he said. 

Compliment: I love your eyes!

Song to listen to: Somewhere in Neverland- All Time Low

(This is my first time including blurbs with ships so if they suck I’m sorry!)

i ship you with ashton so hard. he would always hug you in his enormous arms and cuddle and snuggle all the time. you guys would be so heart eyes emoji!

AW!!! OMG!! thank you so much!!(: 

Ship: :) Calum

Reason/Blurb: (random blurb topic :)) You and Calum would be walking down the street going to little shops in some state that you’re in visiting him on tour and he would buy you the prettiest necklace that has the word “forever” engraved in it. Calum puts the necklace on you and When you see what it says you turn to him and hug him really tight and hear him whisper in your ear, I want you to be mine forever. ♡

Compliment: You’re really pretty!

Song to listen to: You Found Me-The Fray

(This is my first time including blurbs with ships so if they suck I am sorry!)